About the Author

Hello, and welcome to a journey of self-exploration and healing. I am happy to be your guide. My name is Marie, and I am passionate about health and neuroscience. I find it unbearable that so many of us today are obese and chronically ill because of the way we live. I see this as a real threat to the future of society. It has led me to do some extensive research and experiments to come up with some guidance for myself, my family and my friends. I wrote this book to share with you what I learned so that you can find your own path to health for yourself and your family. I am convinced that with the right tools, we all have the power to improve our health situation and protect ourselves from frightening diseases. I hope this book will be your trigger to change. Together, we can create a healthier society.
As stated in the terms of use, I am not a health professional. I am a scientist by training. My background is in physics and math. I have worked in engineering, marketing, and corporate management for more than 20 years. Five years ago, I decided to make a career transition to work as a free-lance scientific journalist and writer. I write about science, health, neuroscience, and education. To write this book, I have been obsessively studying health for the last four years. This includes taking a range of courses in nutrition, biochemistry, neuroscience, and behavioral science to learn everything I could about these subjects. I also did a comprehensive review of hundreds of scientific studies on human nutrition, endocrinology, physiology and neurobiology conducted over the last 40 years. This book encapsulates all of the learning and experience I’ve collected.
I’m eager to spread this knowledge to as many people as possible and made every effort to bring it to you in a clear and practical way. I have tried to simplify complex concepts without distorting reality. I hope you will judge my efforts kindly.
All the illustrations in my book and on this website have been drawn by my daughter Lucie. Enjoy!