Boost your Nutrition

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Nutrition facts—to access the nutrient content of foods (android)


  • MyFitnessPal—to track calories, keep a food diary, get nutrition information, and log physical activity (iPhone, android)
  • MyNetDiary—to plan meals in advance, keep a food diary, count calories, track exercise, and check out nutrition facts (iPhone, android)


  • AnyList—to create and share a grocery shopping list (iPhone, android)
  • Fooducate—to read food labels and assess the nutritional quality of packaged foods (iPhone, android)
  • Harvest—to know what fruits and vegetables are in season and how to store them (iPhone)
  • Is my food safe? —to reduce your risk of food poisoning
  • Locavore—to find foods locally produced (iPhone, android)
  • MealBoard—Meal Planner • Recipe Organizer • Pantry • Grocery List (iPhone)
  • Non-GMO project—to find foods without GMOs
  • ShopNoGMO—to avoid genetically modified foods (iPhone)
  • Specialty Produce—to identify a new or unusual fruit or vegetable. With photos, taste profiles, cooking applications, recipes, flavor pairings, and storage advice (iPhone)
  • Superfood Healthy Recipes—recipes using regional ingredients that you can save in a grocery list. Individual calorie counter to track your meals with relevant nutrition information (android)
  • True Food—to identify foods with GMOs and foods without (iPhone, android)
  • BigOven—menu planner, recipe organizer, grocery list (iPhone, android)
  • Cook Smarts—meal plans and cooking lessons
  • Meal Planner Pro—to plan meals, save recipes, and create shopping lists (shopping list app for iPhone and android)—Free!
  • Mealime—to plan meals, get shopping lists and recipes (iPhone, android)
  • PepperPlate—to plan meals, create menus, manage recipes, and make shopping lists (iPhone, android)
  • Plan to Eat—to collect recipes, plan your meals on a calendar, and create shopping lists (iPhone, android)