Clean Up Your Act

Please note that a link should not necessarily be construed as an endorsement of all the contents and opinions from each individual, website, app, or video.

  • AirNow—to get air quality data where you live
  • Campaign for Safe Cosmetics—to identify toxic chemicals in everyday products
  • Clean Fifteen—a list of 15 fruits and vegetables you can safely get from conventional agriculture (from the Environmental Working Group)
  • Detox Me—app to help you reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Dirty dozen—a list of 12 fruits and vegetables you should buy organic (from the Environmental Working Group)
  • EWG’s Consumer Guides—to identify the safest products
  • EWG’s Healthy Living—app to make healthier choices when shopping for food and personal care products
  • EWG’s Skin deep—to make healthier choices when shopping for cosmetics
  • Made Safe—for certified products made with safe ingredients
  • Mamavation—to find the safest products for your family
  • Think dirty—to identify toxic chemicals in your personal care products